GinzburgSSarit Ginzburg

4th Grade / Middle School Judaic Studies

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Mrs. Sarit Ginzburg who is a GBDS mother as well as teacher earned a BA degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in education. Mrs. Ginzburg also has experience with special education programs and uses these skills in her classes. Mrs. Ginzburg teaches at both elementary and middle school levels at GBDS. Her middle school classes include Hebrew language and Hebrew literature. Mrs. Ginzburg instructs her students in the elementary school in Torah, holidays, prayers, and many other aspects of Judaism and Hebrew language. In all levels (including middle school) Mrs. Ginzburg instills a love of spoken Hebrew amongst her students. Mrs. Ginzburg shares her love for Israel with her students who find this passion contagious. Each year Mrs. Ginzburg shares Israel with the eighth grade students as she chaperones them in the Holy Land. Among Mrs. Ginzburg’s five children one daughter will be attending college in Israel, a second daughter recently graduated from GBDS, and her three other children are still students at GBDS. Mrs. Ginzburg’s goal is to have her students share her ardor for all things Israeli.