Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends alike joined the classes at GBDS in celebration of Special Friends Day, Leadership Day and Shavuot on June 10th. Each class presented one of the "7 Habits" to our special guests, showcasing what they had learned throughout the year through our Leader in Me program. In addition, the whole school joined in song and the choir gave a special performance. Then the special friends joined the students in their classes and participated in various activities relating to Shavuot. The day concluded with delicious dairy desserts, cheesecake and ice cream, which are symbolic of Shavuot. Thank you to the students and guests for making this day an amazing one!

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The theme of this year's Zimriyah, our 13th, was Peace. Students from nursery to middle school joined together to sing popular songs in Hebrew. Many were classic songs in Israel, which are also sung by Jewish people all over the world. While the Hebrew lyrics were often challenging for many of our students, they stepped up to the plate and sang with all their hearts. As we prepared for the Zimriyah, we talked about the meaning of the songs. Many of the lyrics contain Hebrew words which our students hear and use every day at school. The Zimriyah ended with the whole school singing a song which has become an anthem for peace: Salaam.

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Students of the Chess Club had the privilege of participating in a Simul Chess Game against former NJ Chess Champion Oren Gall. The students learned the rules of a Simul Chess Game, which is when one player plays multiple games at the same time with a number of other players, and executed their moves perfectly. To succeed, the students had to concentrate, think logically, and sequentially.
The participants learned to plan ahead and think things through before acting. These skills are essential in a Simul Game. The students held their position for a long time and gave Oren quite a challenge. They all played on a very high level and we should be proud of them. They all enjoyed the challenge and will always remember this amazing experience.
By Zahava Gall

Chess Coach

The Annual Egg Drop took place on June 15, with students from grades one to eight entering their raw egg contraptions.Each student waited with excitement to see if their egg would survive the drop from the school roof. There were many different looking contraptions competing, every one made using great original ideas. Congratulation to all of the children who participated! This year's winners are:

Brandon Berger
Brielle Berger
Emmanuel Greenberg
Elijah Greenberg
Matthew Simon
Joshua Krakovsky
Leeor Ginzburg
Ellie Wieselberg
Congratulations on a job well done!

Mrs. Kelly
Science and Physical Education Teacher

On May 26, the 26 members of the GBDS choir of joined about 6,000 other choir students from NJ and NY to take part in the second American Young Voices concert. This huge event was held at the Prudential Center in Newark. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Young Voices (YV) concerts, which were started in England. This is the second year our students took part in this magnificent concert, and this year we had the best seats: front rows, right next to the stairs down to the stage! This great location meant that we got to talk to and take pictures with many of the participants - including the conductor Francisco Nunez. We spent several months working very hard to prepare for this challenging program. The repertoire this year included THREE medleys (one with two songs in Spanish), a song from Mozart's Magic Flute, and many more songs, including an original song written for the concert. Our hard work paid off and we had the BEST time! The parents who came to see the show agreed.

Thank you to the choir students for all of your hard work over the past few months, and for giving up recess to do this.

Thank you to the parents who supported the concert. We are certainly planning on being a part of next year's American YV!

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