The Elementary and Middle School classes joined together to celebrate Yom Ha'Hatzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, with an afternoon filled with fun! Each student participated in a round robin of crafts and creation, at stations led by the middle school students, to honor Israel. It was an amazing program and everyone left with smiling faces and Israeli pride! The participants are very excited in anticipation of the Israel Parade on June 5th. We hope to see you there!
The school has received a STEAM Classroom Grant Award for Alternative Energy from Orange & Rockland Utilities, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Barbach. We will be using these funds to help students explore alternatives for generating energy.  Our students will gain an awareness of the extent of the carbon footprint placed on the Earth as a result of relying on non-renewable energy sources. Learning activities will develop our students’ science and engineering skills and increase their awareness of the importance of renewable energy sources.

The students will complete three open-inquiry style learning modules, to investigate, design, build, and test alternative energy sources including wind, water, and sun. We are partnering in this effort with PicoTurbine International, employing their open-source curricula on alternative energy and alternative energy kits. Students will first test wind blades on two different types of turbines to collect and analyze data with the goal of designing their ideal wind turbine. Then students will test a selection of hydro turbines varying in paddle size, paddle stem length, water pressure, the angle at which water hits paddles, and the height of water source above the turbine in preparation for designing their ideal water turbine. Finally, students will use solar photovoltaic cells to identify maximum electrical output. Through data analysis of the three different alternative energy sources, students will evaluate the pros and cons of their wind turbine, water turbine, and solar cell design enabling them to reach a conclusion on the effectiveness of each method. Using their newfound knowledge they will gain a better understanding of the capabilities of renewable energy sources and their potential applications in sustainable engineering. 
By Mrs. Barbach and Mrs. Kelly
Green Team 0
Completed Projects
  • PR Team: Finished Flyer and Letter to teachers and parents
  • Planning Team: selected plants for garden and planted them, calculated the amount of soil needed
  • Recycling Team: Made collection bins and collected plastic items
  • Design Team: Designed shape of raised bed planters and created a list of needed materials
  • Kindergarten Team: Planted seeds with Kindergarten and Pre-K and created a chart for tracking plant growth
Current Projects
  • PR Team: Making Posters for the May 15th event, designing T-shirts, collecting progress reports from all teams
  • Planning Team: Establishing a schedule for maintenance
  • Recycling Team: Separating and cleaning plastic collected
  • Design Team:  Placing order for soil, researching cost effectiveness of drip irrigation systems or sprinklers for plant maintenance
  • Kindergarten Team: Ordering worms and setting up worm compost bins, work with design and recycling teams to make animal barriers out of recyclable materials.

We have recently joined the Morris Museum lending program which gives schools the opportunity to bring exhibits in a box into the classroom. Students are able to explore fossils, Egyptian artifacts, Edison's inventions, and so much more! Currently the school has boxes on ancient Egypt, plants and seed dispersal, Thomas Edison, and fossils. More loans are planned for this year and future school years. We are thrilled to be able to bring this wonderful program to our students.

By Mrs. Barbach
Academies Coordinator

The (Absolutely True) Tales of Robin Hood was our eleventh GBDS show and we are so proud of all of the cast and crew, who worked extremely hard to learn their lines, the lyrics, and the choreography.  Each year, we are amazed by the talents of our students, and surprised by what they are able to accomplish.  This year's show added some new elements, such as stage fighting and sword fighting choreography.  Rehearsals were hard work, following a long school day, and also on Sundays but we hope you'll agree that all of that hard work was worthwhile.  Elton John would have been very proud, too!  DVD's will be available within the next few weeks.  If you did not order one and would like to, please contact Mrs. Greenwald.


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Mrs. Greenwald, Morah Dassi, Mrs. Paley and Morah Zina
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