The Bergen County Utilities Authority Treatment Facilities in Little Ferry, NJ was the destination for the latest trip by the middle school and fourth grade students.  The students toured the entire treatment plant, learning about the multiple stages of waste water treatment.  They experienced a firsthand look at how the water from storm runoff, groundwater, and used water from businesses, industries, and private homes is purified. The students observed the physical, biological, and chemical methods of treatment by bar screens, grit chambers, primary sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, secondary sedimentation tanks, and finally the water's release into the Hackensack River.  They also had the opportunity to tour the laboratory where the water is tested for chemical purity.  The students came away from this trip with a greater appreciation for the difficulties involved in providing communities with an environmentally safe water system.


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On March 18th, the school participated in a state-wide event, NJ Makers Day. The goal of NJ Makers Day was to celebrate the culture of making and to foster collaboration between makers and makerspaces across New Jersey. Our “Jewish STEAM” Maker Day activities integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics with a Jewish theme. The students built paper circuits using aluminum foil tape, LED lights, recycled cardboard, and battery packs. One group created a map of Israel with LED lights displaying prominent cities including Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Eilat. Another group replicated the Israeli flag illuminated with blue and white LEDs. Stop motion animations were created using backdrops of Israeli landscapes. Finally, the 3D design program TinkerCad, was used to design objects such as flags, and name tags. All students were engaged, and saw the immediate application of their creations to the Celebrate Israel Parade. This connection was further strengthened by Karen Ostrove, the Creative Director of the Celebrate Israel Parade, who spoke to the students about the theme of this year’s parade and its history. Karen’s visit inspired our students to participate in the Parade. This successful event will lead to multiple future J-STEAM events in the school including celebrations of Purim and Yom Ha’atzmaut.

By Mrs. Barbach
Academies Coordinator

The middle school students are working together to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem within our school. Using the Leader in Me model, the Middle School has formed a Green Team which  is coordinating many events. We have four different teams working hard to accomplish our goals of starting seeds in our greenhouse, transplanting seedlings to the raised bed planters, and promoting recycling throughout the school. 
Our Design team is creating raised bed planters in the shape of a Star of David. Our Planning team is searching for plants to beautify the school as well as vegetables to use in our lunch program. The kindergarten class has joined the Green Team and will help plant seeds and care for all of the plants. Our Recycling team is synergizing with the fourth grade to recycle plastic containers from yogurt, deli food, takeout meals, and other plastic sources. They are also planning to collect and recycle electronics. 
The final team is Public Relations, which is organizing and advertising our ideas for the ultimate greenhouse experience. The team is designing flyers, advertisements, press releases, and Green Team t-shirts. Students in the entire school will actively participate in the Green Team’s efforts to make the school environmentally friendly using the Greenhouse and raised beds as outdoor classrooms. 
The Green Team is also planning a celebration, co-presented the school’s STEAM partner, PicoTurbine. At the event, the Green Team will unveil the school’s greenhouse and raised bed garden, highlight hydroponic gardening, and build mini greenhouses. In addition, PicoTurbine will bring 3D printers allowing us to quickly design and print planters for a hydroponic garden. Please stay tuned for more details including date and time

Students at GBDS celebrated Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's birthday by engaging in reading! The middle school students visited the elementary school and read a few books, that they hand-picked, to each grade level during the day. The activity was a special one that was enjoyed by all. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and Happy Reading!

By Mrs. Rubin

On March 1, 2016 students at Academies at GBDS jumped all over heart disease and stroke by participating in Jump Rope For Heart. The students raised money for the American Heart Association, which funds research, programs and education to fight heart disease and stroke, our nation's No. 1 and No. 4 killers. 

I want to thank all of our students and families in helping to make this year's event such a success. We all had a lot of fun, and the children from Nursery 3 to eighth grade enjoyed learning about the importance of physical activity, the heart, and how they can play a role in keeping us healthy and fit.

The following students are the winners of the jump rope contest in grade:
2- Ofeer Ginzburg;
3- Gavin Morris;
4- Joshua Anczelowicz;
5- Ralph Alweiss; and
Middle School- Benjamin Bank, Noah Holand, and
David Gray-Shoenblum

Congratulations to all of our students for being good sports.

Jump Rope For Heart is a program that promotes physical activity and heart health through jumping rope. It is co-sponsored by the American Heart Association and SHAPE America-Society of Health and Physical Educators.


By Mrs. Kelly

Physical Education and Science Teacher

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