Robin Kelly and Sheila Barbach participated in a one day STEM Boot Camp on Friday December 11th. During the program they learned how to use TinkerCad, a free design software program, to design three dimensional objects for 3D printing. Demonstrations of wind turbines and water turbines also gave Mrs. Barbach and Mrs. Kelly new perspectives on how to teach students about power generation and alternative energy technologies. In addition to the hands-on learning, the curriculum guidebooks they received will enable them to quickly bring these lessons to the students. The workshop was run by PicoTurbine, which offers teacher training workshops, student workshops, curriculum development, and contests.  They also sell classroom equipment related to 3D printing, electronics, alternative energy, and robotics. The company's motto is "advancing STEM education, one student at a time."

We are excited to announce that during February Break we will offer a 5 day STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) camp for students 7 years old and up run by PicoTurbine on 3D printing, Alternative Energy, Robotics, Electronics, and Hydroponics at the Academies at GBDS. Watch for details coming soon! To learn more about PicoTurbine check out:
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This year's Chanukah Family Talent Show - our 11th - was the best yet!  After lighting the candles, led by Rabbi Traiger, the choir sang Chanukah songs in Hebrew and English.  Of course, this included everybody's favorite, "Not By Might!'  The talent show showcased many talents of our students and parents - magic, stand-up comedy, science, poetry recital, singing, dancing, and musical performances. Thank you to everyone who performed.

It is hockey season for the 4th to 8th grades at GBDS. Our 4th and 5th graders are in the middle of their floor hockey unit and the middle school is finishing up their scooter hockey unit.

The middle school will break their unit with our Leader in Me week, where 2 students will be choosing the activities for the week and also lead the class in their warm-ups.

This week our school was greeted by some new guests....TURKEYS! The turkeys stood patiently at the door waiting to be let in, but the office would not grant them entry. The turkeys were not happy to hear this so they decided to rebel! We spotted them stomping on Mr. Smolen's car in anger! The students watched with huge grins from the lunch room and front door of the school! It was a sight to be seen! The turkeys finally went away when they realized that the Academies at GBDS was not enrolling turkeys this year.

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As active people, the winter months can sometimes put a damper on our usual outdoor workouts. But, if we’re safe and prepared, we don’t have to give up our time outdoors completely. Working out in the cold can be perfectly safe, as long as we are smart about it.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe this winter:

Wear the proper gear!

Working out in cold weather doesn’t have to be miserable or unsafe. As long as you’re dressed appropriately you should be able to continue doing outdoor activities.

  1. Dressing in layers is key to staying warm. If you get too warm, you can always shed layers as you go.
  2. Keeping your ears, head, and hands covered will help to keep in the heat.
  3. Tall socks are also a good way to add a layer of warmth to your legs.

Know when it’s unsafe to work out outdoors.

  1. If the roads are icy and slick, stay off them.
  2. If temperatures are too low, winds are too high, or weather conditions have decreased visibility, move your workout indoors.

Pay attention to your body and watch out for any signs of hypothermia.

  1. Look out for drowsiness, weakness, confusion, and uncontrollable shivering. All of these symptoms are signs you should get out of the cold.

Carry your cell phone.

  1. It’s always a good idea to have a cell phone with you during solo workouts, but it’s especially important to take your phone with you on any workouts done outdoors during cold winter weather. Carrying your cell phone will give you direct contact with emergency support, should you find yourself in a dire situation.
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