Dressed in their pajamas and accompanied by their parents, the Kindergarten class returned to school at night for the Shema Lamishpacha program. During this special evening the children performed Hebrew songs, including the Shema, and Israeli dances. Together with their parents, each student created a beautiful mosaic mezuzah for their home. A highlight of the evening was watching a video of the children reflecting on their own nighttime rituals. Every child brought home a pillowcase they had tie-dyed and decorated with their name. Before going home, we gathered outside to release our newly hatched butterflies. We are so proud of our kindergartners!


By Morah Eve and Morah Hana

In enrichment with Morah Eve, the Pre-K class learned Habit 6: synergize. To reinforce the concept, “together is better”, each child contributed a line to write a story!
Here is their creation...

The Little Bunny
(a synergized story by the Pre-K class)
The rabbit was hopping (Ruthie) and he saw a monster (Rebekah).  Then he didn’t find the monster anymore.  (Roy)  He went to his friend’s house (Anya) and was playing with the toys (Ethan).  Then he went home (Sennet) and his friend was waiting for him (Laila).   They played with toys (Meira).
                                                                                                                                    The End

In keeping with the spirit of Purim, the Pre-K and K put on a Purim shpiel for their families. The children put on a humorous performance of the Purim story, sang songs, and played Purim charades with their parents. We also baked hamantashen and enjoyed an Israeli breakfast together. A happy time was had by all!

Purim March 2016 007


By Morah Eve and Morah Hagit
Kindergarten and Pre-K Teachers

The Kindergarten and Pre-K classes celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday together. They watched the movie, The Lorax, a book that highlights the danger of disrespecting the environment, and created their own "truffula trees". They turned themselves into the Lorax by growing large yellow mustaches!  By Morah Eve
Kindergarten Teacher 

The Pre-K class loves to read. All through the winter, we read many books that inspired us to imagine, be creative and seek knowledge...in other words; inspired us to be leaders, as "Reading is Leading"!




By Morah Hagit
Pre-K Teacher

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