The Kindergarten learned the short (u) sound last week. In conjunction with this sound, we learned about Michelangelo and how he painted ceilings by lying on scaffolding.  We emulated Michelangelo and painted pictures while lying on our backsUnder the table!   
u sound
By Morah Eve
Kindergarten Teacher

The Early Childhood Enrichment teacher rotation initiative has been a great success! The children are excited about having a different teacher come in and present a special lesson. Morah Eve started off the new year teaching the Nursery-3 children the Leader in Me's Habit 3, Put First Things First. The children listened to the story of Froggy Gets Dressed by Jonathan London, which relates the story of a frog who forgets to put all his clothing on before going outside to play in the snow. The Nursery-3 children later brainstormed about things they need to do in the morning before going to school. Morah Elisa taught the Pre-K children about the artist Wassily Kandinsky and then they created trees using Kandinsky-style circles with Morah Elisa. Morah Hagit read the book HaKiseem shel Anati (Anati's Pockets) by Katna Fiona McKay to the Kindergarten class. Afterwards the children tried to recall what objects were in Morah Hagit's pockets -- in Hebrew! Click here to read more about the rotations and see pictures!

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By Morah Eve

Kindergarten Teacher

The Pre-K class was humming with children and parents who came for the challah baking program on the evening of December 3rd. The smell and taste of the delicious matzah ball soup that was served for dinner got everyone in the Shabbat spirit! An extra treat for everyone was being joined by alumna, Zoe Greenwald, who taught them how to braid our “loaves of love.” The Pre-K class shared their secret chocolate challah filling recipe with all! Each family made their own challah dough from scratch to take home for Shabbat. While waiting for the yeast to rise, families shared Shabbat memories and childhood stories. The wonderful gathering ended with the sweet smell of baked chocolate challah, enjoyed by the tired but inspired children starting on their Jewish journey!

By: Hagit Barnir

anya    challah


Is Dalia’s little blue box magical-or is the real magic the generosity that helps her fill it? The Early Childhood children performed: "How Dalia Put a Big Yellow Comforter Inside a Tiny Blue Box," adapted from the book by Linda Heller during their Thanksgiving celebration. 
When Dalia learns about tzedakah, the Jewish tradition of charity and caring, she creates a tzedakah box to hold the money she has saved to help those in need. Her little brother Yossi is curious about the Hebrew letters painted on the box. "Are those letters magic?" he asks. They must be, because Dalia tells him she's putting a big yellow comforter, a butterfly bush, and a banana cream pie inside of it! How ever will she do it?
Dalia’s story serves as a powerful reminder that the greatest joy of all comes from giving generously to others.
After the skit, the children sang songs about tzedakah, friendship, and gratitude.The program continued with the attending families working together to decorate beautiful blankets for our choir to bring as a donation to the Allendale Community Center, where they will sing next week. Each child also decorated a special Tzedakah box to take home.
Special thanks go to Sarit Hand for being part of the play and to all the families who joined together to share in this outstanding event.

The Pre-K class, in conjunction with their unit of study, The Creation of the World, created interpretive "starry night" pictures inspired by Van Gogh. Their creations look like masterpieces!


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