Second Grade students are learning 'Parshat Noah'. After reading the incredible story from the Torah, each student built his or her own ark. Each of the arks is unique and individual, and there is no better way to learn a foreign language than employing a "hands-on" experience involving students, parents, and teachers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students and parents for their hard work building the arks. They are on display on the platform at the top of the staircase for all to see and admire.

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Thank you,


Morah Zina

Second and Third Grade Teacher



On June 6th, the first grade culminated their Judaic studies curriculum with the Siddur Ceremony. During the year they learned to read Hebrew using our "Tal Am" Hebrew Program and Siddurs. The students proudly performed songs and prayers for their families and friends, and then Mr. Smolen presented each student with their Siddurim. Afterwards, everyone gathered together for a delicious breakfast. Having reached this milestone, first grade students now participate with the rest of the elementary school for Tefilla. To these young scholars, we say Yeshar Koach (go from strength to strength,) and encourage them to keep passing on to others our traditions, heritage, and connections to Judaism and Israel.


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The first and second graders enjoyed a day of learning and fun at the Turtle Back Zoo on Monday, May 16th. Both classes used this trip to support their studies about animals. The second graders are studying habitats and the first graders are focusing on classifications of animals, so both science units were heavily reinforced during the trip. The group's favorite exhibit was the new "African Adventure," which showcased four giraffes. The classes were excited to learn that three out of the four giraffes are younger than one year old! The fourth is about 9 years old. Many children had never seen a giraffe so close-up before, making the visit definitely a unique and special experience. The students had a fantastic time and the teachers were thrilled to hear them say that this was, "the best field trip ever." The teachers and chaperones who made this trip possible were ecstatic that the day was such a hit among the students...while still having so much educational value.

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By Ms. Merker

Second Grade Teacher

This past week, GBDS class of '12 received a surprise in the mail. The students, who are graduating this month from various high schools, had written letters to their 18 year old selves when they were in fourth grade in GBDS. Their teacher at that time was Sarah Zonenshine. Ms. Z has since married and, a couple of weeks ago, gave birth to her second son. She had kept these letters for eight years, moving four times, packing and unpacking the letters, waiting for her former students to graduate high school, and she mailed them last week.  What a treat! This year's fourth graders are in the process of writing letters to themselves which they will get when they graduate high school... as long as the letters don't get lost, of course!
Mrs. Greenwald

Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

On April 12, 2016, the fifth grade class visited a matzah factory hosted at New City Hebrew Academy in New City, New York. The students had the opportunity to start the matzah making process from scratch. This experience helped strengthen their learning about matzah and the Passover Holiday. 
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