The fourth graders have been practicing creative descriptive writing using PICKLES as a prompt. After brainstorming adjectives to describe pickles, the students wrote their first draft paragraph. They then edited and proofread their own writing. As an extra incentive, and for inspiration, Mrs. Greenwald supplied pickles to eat while the fourth graders were writing. Surprisingly, the experience converted Gordon from anti-pickle to pro-pickle! Come and visit the fourth grade room to read our published pickle paragraphs!

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By Mrs. Rachel Greenwald
Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

leader in meThe fourth graders wasted no time diving into 'The Leader in Me' program, and have already been acting PROACTIVELY, both at home and in school. When writing our class mission statement, the students first brainstormed the word MISSION and the word STATEMENT. Their ideas were excellent. As an example, the word MISSION elicited ideas such as accomplishments, objectives, goals, achievements as well as accepting challenges and completing something you begin. The students began by writing their own individual mission statements. After a visit to the Early Childhood classrooms to see what they had written in their mission statements, the fourth graders worked in groups to combine their ideas. Stop by the fourth grade classroom to see the final result of all this cooperative work!

By Mrs. Rachel Greenwald
3rd/4th Grade General Studies Teacher
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