There is a well known teaching from Pirke Avot with which many of our students are familiar, “Shimon HaTzaddik says, The world stands on three pillars: on Torah, on Prayer and on Acts of Kindness”. These values are found here daily. Our students are engaged in the study of Torah in their Jewish studies classes where they learn Mishnah, Talmud and Chumash with Rashi’s commentary. They are learning to read, write and speak Hebrew. Each day begins with Tefila, prayer; students recite Birkat HaMazon at the end of lunch every day.

In addition, we want our students to understand and internalize that they must give back to other people. As such one of the hallmarks of our middle school program is our emphasis on Community Service, the third of the pillars in Shimon HaTzaddik’s teaching. All Middle School students are asked to complete a requisite number of Community Service hours. These hours can come through any service to others where they do not receive any payment in return whether babysitting, helping neighbors to clean their yard, snow shoveling now that winter is upon us, or helping in the shul. If you have questions regarding whether a certain activity will count towards these hours, please be in contact with me.

The breakdown is as follows:

Students in Grade 6 – 10 hours
Students in Grade 7 – 12 hours
Students in Grade 8 – 15 hours

When a student has given some time they will need to fill out a Community Service Slip. These are found right outside my office at school. They need to fill it out and give to me for recording. Once students complete their service hours they will receive a certificate testifying to that.

Please encourage your child to work to complete these hours early and consistently over the course of the school year rather than wait until the end of the school year when time is short.