School Show: Who Framed William Shakespeare?

Congratulations on being part of WHO FRAMED WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE?

WhoFramedWillShakespeareIn this packet you will find:

  1. Synopsis of the show
  2. Overview of the show
  3. Rehearsal dates
  4. Audition date
  5. Audition instructions, scripts (sides) and main character descriptions
  6. Cost of participation (for actors)
  7. Contract for being in the show – read, sign and return by October 11


1. Synopsis

Who gave Queen Titania a potion that made her fall in love with a donkey? That’s the case that is brought to Private Investigator Sam Stein and his no-nonsense assistant, Viola Knight. Our film noir-style* musical follows their quest for clues through four of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where we meet Queen Titania (tee-TAN-ya), her lieutenant, Puck, and her husband, King Oberon;

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, in which Prince Hamlet seeks revenge for the murder of his father;

Macbeth, in which three witches torment the newly crowned Scottish King Macbeth;

Romeo and Juliet, the tale of two young lovers whose families are at war with one another.

*film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas.
To top it all off, the show features the fabulous music of the band Queen!


2. Overview


Everyone who wants to perform in the show will have a part, including parents and faculty. We hold auditions in October, parts will be announced and rehearsals will begin in November.


Everyone who wants to be! All students in grades 2 through 8 who wish to be in the show this year must audition. Children in K and 1 who want to be in the show will not need to audition. Adults will not need to audition until later in the year. Everyone who wants a part will get one.

Students and adults who are more comfortable behind the scenes can help with scenery and sets. Please contact Mrs. Jaffe (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information.


3. Rehearsal Dates

We wanted to give you all of the rehearsal dates as early as possible, so that you will be aware of the commitment involved in being in the show.


Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays after school, except Sunday and Dress/Technical rehearsals in February and March as noted below. Sunday times TBD. Rehearsals are planned as follows (subject to change):

Weds 11/ 1
Weds 11/15
Weds 11/29

Weds 12/6
Weds 12/13
Weds 12/20

Weds 1/3
Weds 1/10
Weds 1/17
Weds 1/24
Weds 1/31

Weds 2/7
Weds 2/14

SUNDAY 3/4 (Sunday)
Weds 3/7 (12:30-3:00 during PT conferences)
Weds 3/14
Friday 3/16 IN SCHOOL (DRESS)
Mon 3/19 AT THE Y (TECH)
Tues 3/20 SHOW


4. Audition Dates:

AUDITIONS WILL TAKE PLACE ON TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10 after school, in the music room:

3:45 – 4:00 Grade 2
4:00 – 4:30 Grade 3
4:30 – 4:45 Grade 4
4:45 – 5:00 Grade 5
5:00 – 5:30 Grade 6 and 7
5:30 – 6:00 Grade 8

Please be patient. Sometimes auditions run longer than expected. However, parents should be at the school at the ending time listed above to pick up your children. Please arrange to have your child picked up if you cannot be there. We cannot organize carpools. Remember that there is Dinner in the Sukkah this evening; come after auditions and stay to celebrate with the school community!

Auditions are held to give you practice in performing for an audience, and also to place you in a part that lets you shine. You must perform both a scene and a song for your audition.

PLEASE email us if your child is staying to audition on October 10: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  • Following this instruction page are different audition scenes (2 options for grades 2-4 and 3 options for grades 5-8
  • Pick one scene and one character part to memorize and perform for your audition.
  • You may perform alone (the other parts will be read by us) or with a partner.


Remember – the amount of effort you put into learning and practicing your audition part is an indication to us of the amount of effort you will put into learning and practicing your part in the show. In other words, GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

Choose a school-appropriate song by the band Queen to sing at your audition. You will only need to sing one verse and chorus, not the whole song. Some of Queen’s most famous songs are listed below.

  • Somebody to Love
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • We Are the Champions


These are the characters that appear in the audition scenes. There are many others in the show. Think about the character traits below and how he/she might act, when preparing for your audition.

  • SAM STEIN: A tough detective who thinks he’s smarter than he actually is.
  • VIOLA KNIGHT: Her name is pronounced vī-OH-la. She’s Sam’s clever, no-nonsense assistant.
  • TITANIA: Her name is pronounced tee-TAHN-ya. She’s the Queen of the Fairies, and she comically goes back and forth between being flighty and fairy-like to being modern and as no-nonsense as Viola.
  • HAMLET: The tragic Prince of Denmark. He speaks in Shakespearean style.
  • THREE WITCHES: They love to “stir up” trouble.
  • PEASEBLOSSOM and COBWEB: Titania’s secret service agents. They are very serious about their job of protecting the Queen.

CLICK HERE to download the audition scenes.


6. COST:

The cost for being in the school show is as follows.

$100 for students in grades 2 - 8
$50 for students in grades kdg – 1

Payment is due by December 1, 2017

No student will be excluded from the show for financial reasons. Please see Mr. Smolen.



Please read, sign and return by October 11

CLICK HERE to download the show contact.

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