Eighth Grade 2017 Summer Reading - English

Dear Eighth Graders and Parents,

As part of our dedication to literacy, Grade 8 students are REQUIRED to read two books for their summer reading assignment. The first book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon will be completed for your English class. A second novel of historical fiction will be assigned by Mrs. Glassberg and will be a Social Studies project.

After reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time you must complete the corresponding Summer Reading Packet. This packet includes various activities relating to the book including;

  1. A brief synopsis
  2. Interview questions
  3. Reading response questions
  4. Various inference questions
  5. A stream of conscientiousness essay

You may type or hand-write your responses but, please do so neatly. Spelling, punctuation, and neatness do count so make sure you proofread before you hand it in.

This assignment should be brought to school with you on the first day and will count as your very first grade entered into my grade book!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to an exciting year!

Happy reading,

Mrs. Goff

CLICK HERE to download the the summer reading packet for Mrs. Goff


Eighth Grade 2017 Summer Reading - Social Studies

Dear Parents,

The in-coming Eighth Grade students have been assigned an historical fiction novel for summer reading. Please read through the attached information sheet for the details. Please let me know before the school year ends if you have and questions. Mrs. Goff has graciously allowed me to replace one of her choices with this assignment. Thank you for your assistance in encouraging your child to read over vacation. Have a great summer!

Mrs. Glassberg


Dear in-coming Eighth Grade students and parents,

It’s almost the time for camp and relaxation. No one can argue with the need to recharge and have a change of scene and routine! Summer is also a great time to relax with a good book. In that spirit, I am assigning a great historical fiction book to be read before the students come back in September.

The book that I am assigning for Eighth Grade Social Studies is called Fever, 1793, by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book will hopefully provide insight into life in the early years of our nation. We will be focusing on this early Federalist period in the fall and this story, based on a true event and written with a great deal of historical accuracy, will augment this study. Historical fiction is a genre that works hand-in-hand with Social Studies and I am hopeful that this will be just the beginning of enhancing our study of history through reading correlated literature.


As you read the book, please keep a pad of “post-its” next to you. You will be required to take brief notes and /or record questions as they occur to you while reading. For example, perhaps you have a question about yellow fever today? Perhaps you are puzzled by some vocabulary that is unfamiliar to you? Perhaps you are curious about some aspects of life in Philadelphia in the late 1700’s? I am interested in you annotating these ideas and/ or questions as they occur on the specific pages. These ideas should be ones that make you think, for example, “oh, I didn’t know that is how they lived.../or I wonder what this word means?” etc.

On the first day of school, please bring your fully annotated book (lots of post-its, at least every few pages) to school. We will have a class discussion and review of the book and each of you will be sharing some of your comments and questions.

You will be graded on this assignment (first grade of the marking period). Completion of the entire book (it is not long...) should be obvious to me as I read your post-it notes. Your effort should speak for itself.

Have fun on your journey back in time to the Philadelphia of 1793!! Remember to think of all you have learned about colonial life as you read the novel...


Amazon sells this book in paperback form. Prices range but are quite inexpensive. Thank you very much for your assistance in helping to ensure that your child will be set up for success as we “hit the ground running” in September.

Mrs. Glassberg
Social Studies Coordinator/Teacher