Fifth Grade School Supplies List 2017-18

# of Items Items Subjects
12 #2 Pencils all
12 blue Pens all
1 Zippered pencil cases S.St.
1 8-10 section accordian folder to bring home daily work all
7 black felt tip narrow point pens Math & S.St.
  erasers all
4 red felt tip narrow point pens S.St.
2 sets assorted colored pencils Science & S. St.
6 pkgs lined-3-holed paper all
2 sets highlighters- yellow plus other colors all
5 pkgs 5 tab dividers w/pockets & clear tabs Ma,SS,Rab, He,LA
3 Pocket Folders Science
5 Large boxes of tissues - deliver to Rabbi Traiger all
1 box of reinforcements Rab.
1 Protractor with an angle guide Math & Science
1 bow compass with screw adjustment Math & Science
1 Ruler (Metric on one side and standard on the other) Math & Science
1 Scientific calculator Math & Science
1 Webster college dictionary (paperback) LA
1 Thesaurus - Roget II (paperback) LA
2 Hebrew letter tabs for home keyboard Hebrew
3 pkgs 3 x 5 ruled white index cards with lines (300 pkg) LA & Hebrew& Sci
3 Snap closeable plastic index card boxed for 3   x 5
(100 card capacity)
LA & Hebrew&Sci
2 Hard bound marbel composition notebooks, 100 sheets Heb, Creative Wtg
1 4 Subject spiral notebook Rabbinics
1 Spiral notebook with folder pockets and peforated pages Math
1 White 2" 3-ring hard binder with side pockets Rabbinics
1 Red 1" 3 ring binder Hebrew
1 Blue 2" hard 3 ring hard binder with side pockets S. Studies
1 Black 1&1/2" 3-ring binder LA
1 One subject notebook and a folder (yellow) Music
  Recorder and music books Music
1 3 ringed binder Science
6 Extra Kippot (for boys)  
6 Book Socks (book covers)  
  Locker organizer-ladder or shelves  

Parents wishing to have and extra copy of any textbook to keep on hand at home may purchase them from the school.  Contact Mr. Smolen





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