The Academies GBDS Parent-Teacher Organization

The following is taken from which provides wisdom direct from the Torah...

When people come to collect charity, we may sometimes feel annoyed with them, especially if they come frequently. The Torah here is cautioning us not to bear any resentment when we give to them.
If we ever feel put upon by people who ask for charity, one need only realize that since we are in a position to give instead of needing to receive, we should be so overwhelmed with gratitude that there should be no room for annoyance. As we give charity, we might also give our blessings and good wishes to the recipients, that God should help them soon be in a position to give to others.

As it says in Deuteronomy chapter 15 verse 10
Do not feel bad in your heart when you give

Every single penny the PTO raises is used to enhance the student and teacher experience at school. PTO ensures our students and staff have the necessary tools needed to have a positive learning experience and some extra fun along the way.

What does PTO do with the money raised?

To Name a few...PTO provides:

  • all teachers and staff with chanukkah gifts
  • all teachers with catered breakfasts, lunches and gifts during teacher appreciation week
  • a school wide bbq lunch on lag b'omer,
  • a school wide Falafel lunch on Yom Ha'Atzmaut
  • money toward each class' Judaic ceremony
  • in-school Passover seders,
  • a back to school ice cream social
  • refreshments for the school show, back to school night, Talent show, Curriculum Fair, Special friends’, PTO meetings etc...
  • Water cooler maintenance and repairs and so on...

And after all of PTO's monetary obligations are met if there is money left over PTO donates it to the school to help pay for things like new playground equipment, anew basketball hoop for the gym and a even new technology center.

We could not do this with out volunteers

PTO volunteers run and/or subsidize

  • the lunch program
  • After-School clubs
  • picture Day
  • the Back-To-School Ice Cream Social
  • weekly Shabbat Challah
  • In-school Passover and Tu B’shevat seders
  • the Book Fair
  • the Sukkah set-up
  • Early Childhood Shabbat dinner
  • oversight of Class Parents
  • teacher holiday and year-end gifts
  • Special Persons Day
  • events such as “Parents Night Out”
  • …the list goes on!